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Accouting and Tax Solution

The accounting methods and tax laws of China are, in many ways, different from the rest of the world . They are to a great extent designed for the Chinese market and have characteristics that could be hard to understand for foreigners, which are not used to the system. Chinese tax regulations can easily be misunderstood and, therefore, violated. 

Easy Business Solutions can offer three types of accounting projects with different levels of service. Through a forward thinking multidisciplinary approach, technical experience, and deep industry knowledge, Easy Business Solutions tax professionals can add value and help organizations manage the tax complexities of a constantly changing business environment.


We provide accounting, audit, tax and advisory services, in line with industry insight, thus help organizations with risk management. Our experts combine technical, market, and business knowledge that allow them deliver objective advice and guidance to help our clients grow their businesses, improve their performance, and manage risk more effectively.

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"...EBS various comprehensive professional services would be a great asset to any future corporation or active ones in great Mainland China."


Mike Mehrvarz, Ph.D.

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1) Setting Up a Customized Accounting System for new enterprise

2) Ensuring Company’s Bookkeeping Practices Adhere to State and Local Laws and Regulations

3) Collect bank statement, cash statement and invoices from clients

4) Preparing Payroll and managing IIT on Monthly Basis
5) Handling 
Employee benefits and Social insurance management

6) Filling Quarterly tax declaration: personal income tax, enterprise business tax, enterprise income tax, VAT, and other tax. 

7) Minimizing Accounting Discrepancies for the efficient operation of business processes and Tax Expenditures.

8) Assisting Clients in the Issuance and Receipt of Invoices or Other Documents

9) Handling bank operations including Cash Withdrawals, Currency Conversion, Bank Payments under authorization and International Money Transfers
10) Assist clients to answer tax check, deal with tax audit and reconsider tax issues

Price: ¥2500/per month

Payment term: Every six months

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Annual audit for tax bureau, The administration for industry and commerce, SAFE



Price: ¥9000 


Payment term: Every year by the end of June

annual auditing china


Annual inspection report



Price: ¥1000


Payment term: Every year by the end of March-June

Managing your financials with maximum efficiency and transparency is not a luxury. It's an absolute must.
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