About EBS

Easy Business Solutions Co., Ltd. is the first private company which offers full service solutions to foreign companies in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We have knowledge in all relevant business areas in order to make your establishment and business operation in the Chinese market flow as smoothly as possible. The founder and CEO of Easy Business Solutions is Ms. Sarah Qin who started up the business in Beijing, 2006. 


At Easy Business Solutions we see the agreement as the start of a partnership. The key for a succesful partnership is that exchange of information takes place in both directions. The dialogue between EBS and the client will play an important role in our future cooperations. Our experienced employees providing investment consulting, visa applications services, professional solutions and managed services are open to your suggestions and requests to make the most of the services for you as a customer. 


Easy Business Solutions offers understanding of our country’s policies and our services are dedicated to providing correct and trouble free solutions in setting up W.F.O.E., J.V. and R.O. for them as well arranging and extending visas, carrying on after sales and monitoring services and offering on-going translation services. We earn recognition from our clients services from investment consultancy and visa consultancy but are proudest of our high customer satisfaction scores.


EBS provide a well-rounded package of services tailored to meet our individual or business requirements. Our recommendations reflect what we would do for ourselves in your specific situation.



Our mission is simple.


We make our customers successful by:


  • Providing solutions and services that       result in financial benefits

  • Continuing to learn about your business so that we can help you gain additional benefits

  • Making sure that you receive reliable, consistent performance without surprises


How do we know that we are achieving our mission?


It is very simple: we ask you. EBS cannot stay in business if you are not successful. Your success is the metric for our survival. This has worked for us for over 8 years in this business.





"I have known Sarah for over 6 years. I have sought her professional consultations in various areas of business matters in China in the past and present.


I find her to be kind, trustworthy, always available to help, resourceful and very knowledgeable in many aspects of the challenges most businessmen would encounter doing business in China.


She and EBS various comprehensive professional services would be a great asset to any future corporation or active ones in great Mainland China.


Sarah's professionalism is exemplary. I wish her a great luck and success in her endeavors." 


Mike Mehrvarz, Ph. D.

Beijing International Medical Center


"It is my pleasure to recommend ms. Sarah Qin of Easy Business Solutions. 


Ms. Sarah's native intelligence and extensive business consulting is great, she is a highly capable, reliable, trustworthy business consulting professional with experience in the business license registration, renewal and annual audit, taxation and visa related consultancy for W.F.O.E. and R.O. in Beijing, China.


She has the drive, necessary energy and knowledge to see complex, long processes through to completion, guiding clients through the entire lifecycle process, on time and within budget. I can confidently recommend ms. Sarah for business consultancy services and/or team leadership."


 Dr. Satheeshkumar Sriharan, Chief Representative

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

"Sarah is a very professional and competent person who is extremely good at her work. She completes her work with due diligence and within the specified time frame.


Sarah as a person is extremely warm in her dealings and she has solutions for all the problems. She is a very good friend and a guide who is always available for the people whom she is dealing with. I have always enjoyed working with Sarah." 


Anand Babu, Country Manager 

Mitra SK

"If it comes to new office start-up consultation in any city of China, Sarah's name comes first in our mind. She is an excellent communicator and coordinator with clients and government. 


We highly recommend her service for different business solutions in China." 


Janmey Pathak, Manager

Ranbaxy Laboratories

"Sarah is excellent and an expert in working with you to obtain necessary papers to reside in China. She handled every aspect herself and made it extremely effortless on our part.


We worked with her numerous times and she was the best in her field." 


Natalie Madar-Cabrera, Regional Manager


"Sarah's professional attitude with personal touch is unique. The commitment and on time delivery is unmatched." 


Girish R., General Manager

GMR Group