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easy business solutions china

About EBS

Easy Business Solutions Co., Ltd. is the first private company which offers full service solutions to foreign companies in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We have knowledge in all relevant business areas in order to make your establishment and business operation in the Chinese market flow as smoothly as possible. The founder and CEO of Easy Business Solutions is Ms. Sarah Qin who started up the business in Beijing, 2006. 


At Easy Business Solutions we see the agreement as the start of a partnership.


The key for a succesful partnership is that exchange of information takes place in both directions. The dialogue between EBS and the client will play an important role in our future cooperations. 


Our experienced team of professionals providing consulting and guidance to easy the bureaucracy and suggest the best solution to for the smooth operation of your business in China. 

We are proud of our high customer satisfaction. Through delivering the outstanding service, we earn recognition from our clients, who then become our friends and business partners.


Easy Business Solutions offers our country’s policies full understanding, backed with year of experience and professional expertise of our team. 

Our services are dedicated to provide the correct and trouble-free solutions in the wide range of procedures, starting with the setting up W.F.O.E., J.V. and R.O. all the way to its termination.

Experience of servicing more than 5000 clients let us have the deep understanding of complex procedures, in order to deliver the easiest solution for your business entitiy. 

EBS provide a well-rounded package of services tailored to meet our individual or business requirements. Our recommendations reflect what we would do for ourselves in your specific situation.



Our mission is simple.

Making our customers successful via:

  • Providing solutions and services that       result in financial benefits

  • Continuing to learn about your business so that we can help you gain additional benefits

  • Making sure that you receive reliable, consistent performance without surprises

How do we know that we are
actually achieving our mission?


We Ask You!


EBS cannot stay in business if you are not successful. Your success is the metric for our survival. This has worked for us for over 10 years in this business.

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