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Administrative and HR Services

Why HR Outsourcing Services Is the Right Choice for Your Company

The way people manage a business has changed over the past few years. Executives nowadays are being asked to do more with less, which is why many of them turn to HR outsourcing services. Outsourcing human resources can sometimes provide a solution to some of the skill-related and staffing problems that many small and budget-strapped companies face.

The main reason our clients choose HR outsourcing services is that they need to comply with employment laws and regulations; even small organizations can face a hefty fine if they fail to abide by these laws. 

The employment regulations and laws can be even more difficult for organisations that have both local and foreign staff and these regulations vary from employee to employee.


Easy Business Solution is the appropriate choice for your Administrative and HR management needs so your organization, company, can pave the way to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.


With more than 10 years of experience with human resources, at EBS we aim to support our clients from all over the world by providing reliable employment solutions fit for the needs of a company in China.

Our HR solution consists on Recruitment and Assessment part. Clients are welcome to apply free consultation to choose the right combination according to the needs of their companies. 

HR Recruitment

  • Setting up Employment Agreements 

  • Preparing the Labor Contract (Both in Chinese and in English)

  • Assisting in the Management of Social Insurance and Housing Fund 

  • Outsourcing the Payroll and IIT Management​

​HR Assessment
(upon request, in a form of a Report)


  • Evaluation of Company Legal Structure

  • Development of HR policy and handbook

  • Implementation of Labor Force Cost-Benefit analysis

  • Customised Consultancy on task allocation, coordination, externalisation, etc. 

Forget about the risk of infringing legal compliances.

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