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Administrational Services


Acting as a enterprise in China means a lot of administrational issues that need to be solved. Doing business here can be considerably different to acting in other environments. The requirements of formalia is much more comprising and to an organisation new to the system, it can be seen as an impossible task just getting started. Easy Business Solution offers outsourced adminstrational services suitable for companies with 1-20 employees in China. Depending on your needs we can offer different package solutions including the following services: 


  • Receptioning - e-mail & telephone service 

  • Accounting - cashiering and accounting

  • Secretary / Assistant service

  • HR - recruitment & training

  • Legal Consulting - labor & company law 

  • Website building

  • Logo - creating & editing

  • Translation work


Let Easy Business Solutions help your company with all the administrational tasks needed. We make it easier and cheaper for your company compared to hiring a single person when establishing in China. Many companies establishing in China are deciding to hire a local person to take care of the upcoming adminsitrational issues when starting up a business. What they do not know is that there is a cheaper and more convenient way to manage it - to hire the service from a company specialized in performing the exact tasks your company requires. Easy Business Solutions can provide your company with exactly that kind of solution.  When hiring a administrational service from us you and your company don't need to worry about hiring personell and issues associated with the recruitment. 


We have been serving foreign and domestic enterprises service on a regular basis for 10 years time. If your company is having branches in different parts of China we can also do coordination between the headquarter and the other offices. Therefore we have gained valuable experience with all kind of situations and problems that can occur in the process of starting or running a business in China. Our experienced employees will helpfully guide you through all the steps of the process of making your company running as smoothly as possible in your business operations in China. 




Your organization will enjoy several benefits such as:


  • Avoiding the handling of complex and time consuming processes 

  • No complicated recrutiment processes 

  • Take advantage of our broad network  including established relationships to government departments

  • No need for secretary offices with computers/telephones

  • Competence in all areas 

  • Exemption from handling of employees tax and salary issues

  • Possibility to focus on what your company is doing best without distractions


            HR Outsourcing Service Quotation:



administration service china

"It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Sarah Qin of Easy Business Solutions. 

... guiding clients through the entire process, on time and within budget."


Dr. Satheeshkumar Sriharan

Chief representative 

Note: For any administrational questions please contact us at:



Tel: +86 10 5629 1059




Skype: easybusinesssolutions

WhatsApp: 8613641206884 


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