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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's), part 2 (visa)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's), part 2 (visa)

This post is a continuation of the previous one where we are exposing questions we often receive from clients. This part will deal with visa questions and provide answers and tips that could be useful for anyone interested to go to China. We will also give you a overview about how the Chinese visa process is working and which time frame that's reasonable.

1. How do I understand a Chinese visa page?

Category: L/M/F/X/Z (type of visa: student, business, tourist etc.)

Entries:01/02/M. (number of entries allowed in to China, M means multiple)

Entry Before: Means that you have to arrive in China before this date; If you will not, the visa will expire.

Duration of each stay: Maximum number of days allowed in China after entry date.

Issue date: Means the date when you got your visa accepted.

Example: Sarah holds a M-visa (business visa) with 2 entries. Duration of each stay is 30 days and issue date is 20140201. Entry before date is 20140801.

If Sarah comes to China on 20140215, Her visa expires on 20140317 (30 days from entry date). Then, she must leave China and re-entry (second entry) before she can stay for another 30 days.

2. How do I get a Chinese working visa?

When you're cooperating with EBS the general procedure is the following:

1) Employment permit (takes 2 weeks)

We will need the following documents:

a) Original bachelor degree

b) Police clearance certificate, issued by the local police department of your country.

c) Passport copy

d) Resume

e) Medical test report

f) Reference letter, issued by the former employer to prove 2 years work experience

2) Invitation letter (takes 1 week)

3) Apply for Z visa from the Chinese embassy in your country or Hong Kong (HK).

Notice that there are some countries that can't get any visa from HK.

4) Work permit (takes 1 week)

5) Residence permit (takes 3 weeks)

Tip: Easy Business Solutions can help even if you do not have all documents.

Email us for more details:

3. How can my family members get Chinese visas?

If you would like your husband/wife and children to stay with you while you are in China, There are two kind of visa for family visitors. One is type S1 and the other one is type S2.

You should prepare a invitation letter together with copy of your passport and Chinese residence permit to your family. Notice that the length of the visa duration can vary between 90 days up to a 1 year, depending on your Chinese residence permit expiration date.

Tip: The S1 visa requests the birth certificate or marriage certificate to be attested by the Chinese embassy in the issued country. The S2 visa requests only the birth certificate or marriage certificate, it is not necessary to be attested by the embassy.

4. How do I get a visa for a short tourist trip to China?

If you only come to China for one month or less, it is easy to get a tourist visa from the Chinese embassy or travel agent.

If your purpose is to come for a job opportunity or a business trip, you need an invitation letter from a Chinese friend or company. You can the get visa from 30 days and up to 180 days.

Easy Business Solutions can help you to get an invitation letter. Contact us if you need help:

Tip: A type L visa can only be extended for an additional 30 days which means it is not very suitable for long term stay. Business visas can be extended for an additional 1-6 months.

5. Can i change the visa type in China, from a tourist visa (L) to a working visa (Z)?

Yes, but only if you are the legal representative of a company registered in China.

Tip: If you had China residence permit in the last past two years, it is possible to change L

visa to working visa without leaving China even you are not the legal representative.

Visa rules are constantly changing, please feel free to consult us for the latest updates before you make your decision.

6. How to get a visa for new born baby?

First, if the baby is born in China, To get a passport from the embassy is necessary.

After that, with birth certificate and police registration, passport, the baby will be issued a Chinese visa same as their parents.

Tip: It is required for the parents to go to their local public security bureau (PSB) to register for a new born baby once he/she has a valid passport. This should be done within 2 months.

7. How to get a Police Clearance Certificate in China?

You have to go to local public security bureau (Immigration office) to apply;

It takes 7-15 working days.

You can request to have the PPC in Chinese or English or other language.

Tip: You must have copy of all your passport and Chinese visas. But you can appoint an agent to do that for you. Easy Business Solutions is ready to help. Contact us if you need help:

8. Are the visa rules in Beijing and Shanghai the same?

No, they are not completely the same. In Beijing, the original bachelor degree and the police clearance certificate is required but in Shanghai not.

Tip: You can only apply for the work visa or visa in the city which you stay and have a

temporary residence registration issued by local police station.

Easy Business Solutions can provide services in Beijing and Shanghai.

9. Can I work in Beijing while my visa is issued in another city?

Legally yes. But every year when you apply for the visa extension, the temporary residence is requested.

Tip: Hotel can also provide such temporary residence.

10. How much tax should i pay when i have a China working visa?

You should pay personal income tax according to your salary and income in China.

Tip: The tax receipt may be required when you apply for the visa extension.

Contact Easy Business Solutions for your Individual Income Tax payment proposal.

11. Do I need a multiple entry visa if I want to travel to Hong Kong and Macau?

- Yes, even though Hong Kong and Macau are part of China they have different visa systems from China mainland. Each time you enter China mainland, you will use one entry. Though, you don't need separate visas for visiting Hong Kong and Macau.

12. I don't know if I have the qualifications needed for a business visa, can Easy Business Solutions help me to figure it out?

-Yes, if you contact us we can check if your a fitting candidate for a business visa.

13. Where can I get the medical examination and health report issued?

- There are certain clinics in China which provide health checks for foreigners. This means you can't go to your closest hospital to have one. Contact us for more information about where to go in your city.

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