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What terms and conditions shall be in the labor contract ?

Labor contract is the most important documents to prove the labor relationship, And recently in China, the number of labor arbitration is increasing fast. So what shall we write in the contact to get the company in same side when the arbitration or lawsuit comes?

First, the following things must be included in the contract clearly.

1. Name of the employer and employee; ID number and contact address;

2. Job titles, Wages, Social benefits details, IIT information and annual bonus, annual leave and etc.

3. period of contract, probation time, term of termination and renewal.

4. Working hour and work place;

Also What if an employee refuses to sign the written labor contract ? We shall do the following steps once the employee refuses:

Step 1: Written notice to urge the employee to sign the contract within 1 month from the date of induction.

Step 2: Written notice to terminate the employment relationship.

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